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Cold rolled stainless steel composite plate

Cold rolled stainless steel composite plate

On the basis of hot-rolled stainless steel composite plates, production processes such as annealing, acid washing, cold rolling, intermediate annealing, acid washing (or bright annealing) tension straightening and finishing have been carried out to produce stainless steel composite coils (plates) suitable for civilian use. The surface quality of the plates reaches the same series of stainless steel surfaces, and the yield strength is better than that of stainless steel of the same brand. The thinnest layer can reach 0.6mm.
Stainless steel composite plate combines the characteristics of various carbon steel and stainless steel, and is welcomed by users for its excellent performance price ratio, with broad market prospects. But interestingly, since the 1950s, after more than half a century of ups and downs in development, there are still many people who are unaware of it. More people have not used it. It should be said that the market for stainless steel composite plates is gradually entering a mature stage, but there is still much development work to be done. The exploration and efforts of scientific and technological workers to build a resource-saving society will never stop.