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Nowadays, coal coking, Coal gasification, synthetic ammonia and chemical fertilizer have become the main coal chemical industry in China and have been developing continuously and rapidly. There is a contradiction between the growth of domestic oil consumption and the supply and demand of oil, and the introduction and development of coal chemical industry technologies such as methanol to olefins and coal to oil have accelerated the pace of industrial construction. Enterprises engaged in coking product production have also grown rapidly like mushrooms after a rain. For example, Wuxi Gangze Metal Materials Co., Ltd.
For the coal coking industry, due to prolonged exposure to high temperature and corrosive environments such as pipelines and equipment, equipment corrosion is severe, and the service life of the equipment will be greatly reduced. Therefore, improving the corrosion resistance of equipment, extending its service life, and reducing production costs are important means to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.
Stainless steel composite plate is a metal composite material with an outer layer of pure stainless steel and an inner layer of carbon steel. This metal composite material composed of pure stainless steel and carbon steel is a stainless steel composite plate. The emergence of stainless steel composite plate provides material guarantee for the manufacturing, upgrading and transformation of coking equipment.