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Market sector(Ⅱ)

Market sector(Ⅱ)

1. Replacing the original pure stainless steel plate with stainless steel composite plate can reduce equipment costs, but the use of the equipment is not affected. Stainless steel composite plates can be used for desulfurization towers, ammonia distillation towers, benzene removal towers, etc., with low cost and corrosion resistance; Taking the benzene removal tower as an example, using stainless steel composite plates instead of pure stainless steel plates can reduce costs by more than 30%.
2. Stainless steel composite plates retain the corrosion resistance, wear resistance, magnetic resistance, and aesthetic appearance of pure stainless steel, while also possessing the excellent weldability, formability, tensile strength, and thermal conductivity of carbon steel. It can be widely used in coking equipment to improve its corrosion resistance and extend its service life.
3. Stainless steel composite plates have good thermal conductivity and anti-corrosion function, and can be widely used in coking equipment. If used in an ammonia distillation tower, it can improve the service life of the tower and reduce operating costs; On the other hand, due to its anti-corrosion performance, it can also be applied to ammonia distillation equipment.
In short, stainless steel composite plates have great potential in the manufacturing, upgrading, and renovation of coking equipment in China. They are the best choice for improving equipment service life, improving equipment production efficiency, and reducing operating costs.