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Characteristics of hot rolling composite process

Characteristics of hot rolling composite process

1. The use of large medium plate mills and hot continuous mills for production results in high production efficiency and fast supply speed. The product has a large format and can be freely combined in thickness. Stainless steel coating with a thickness of 0.5mm or more can be produced. But due to the large investment, there are fewer manufacturers.
2. Due to the limitation of the compression ratio of rolled steel, hot rolling production is still unable to produce composite steel plates with a thickness of over 50mm, and it is also inconvenient to produce various small batches, circular and other special shapes of composite plates. Advantages of hot-rolled composite plates: Thin gauge composite plates of 6, 8, and 10 mm. Under the condition of hot continuous rolling, composite coils can be produced, reducing production costs and meeting more user needs.
3. Under current technical conditions, the hot rolling process cannot directly produce non-ferrous metal composite plates such as titanium, copper, and aluminum.
In summary, two completely different production processes have their own characteristics, exist and develop simultaneously, and meet the diverse needs of different users. The explosive rolling method is a combination of the aforementioned two processes and will not be repeated.